Life is hard enough already.
Let us make it a much more easier.

Our Story

Inspiring a change is easier said than done, but when its done out of passion and pure willpower, the result is phenomenon. is the results of years of conception and planning. Borrowing from the tried and tested, it pieces together a well oiled engine which re-invents the national shopping arena taking advantage of existing offline operations such as wholesale /retails/ locally manufatured goods and delivery services and pit them conveniently together onto a a platform that maximises economic activity, simplify shopping experiences, increase sales turnover and provide for increased employment thus becomes the fruition of a passion to offer improved marketability on the arrray of beautifully crafted local products and imported items that would usually make its way out of stores in limited numbers. Finally our story would be incomplete if we were not challenging a culture that limits shopping to an 8.30am to 4.30pm activity. The story has just started but the horizon looks so much clearer now to new and improved shoppng experience beyond our shores - eventually.

  • Our Mission

    To inspire, empower, create and propel Seychelles business environment to unprecedented heights.

  • Our Vision

    To be the accelerator of cashless seychelles, beneficial to both vendors and customers through the convergence of marketing and instataneous sales of local and imported items to the local and tourism markets.

  • Assorted products gives advantage to a multitude of national vendors to ensure customers are constantly exposed to arange of products to purchase.

  • Celebrate local believes in the value and beauty of locally crafted products. The magnitude of sales of locally produced goods can only contribute to evne better quality and quantity of such work of art.

  • All-in-one

    Conveniently connects established operations to ensure seamless services whatever your location.

  • Marketing into gear

    Make use of a wider range of marketing tools to engage into improved sales and customer satisfaction.